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Financial Analyses of Energy Companies - 2012

     While SEE does not make buy/sell recommendations, you will get tools you need to make energy investment decisions. Each analysis summarizes macro factors, identifies specific public companies and notes relevant financial data, saving you hours of research for your energy investments. SUBSCRIBE now.

     2012 segments, with company details, to which you will have access include:
  1. PADD I (East Coast) Refiners - PDF Spreadsheet, December 2012 (12/2012)
  2. PADD I (East Coast) Refiners - December 2012 (12/2012)
  3. Bakken Oil Transport by Rail - PDF Spreadsheet, November 2012 (11/2012)
  4. Bakken Oil Rail Transport - November 2012 (11/2012)
  5. Bakken/Three Forks Companies-PDF Spreadsheet (October 2012)
  6. Bakken/Three Forks: North Dakota a Star - Late October-Early November (10/2012)
  7. Oil Conference Notes: China, West Texas Permian, and Apache Corporation Focus, September 2012 (9/2012)
  8. Eagle Ford MidStream Companies - PDF Spreadsheet (8/2012)
  9. Eagle Ford Shale Basin Texas, Part II - Midstream Companies MLPs (8/2012)
  10. Eagle Ford Shale Companies - PDF Spreadsheet, Late July/Early August 2012 (7/2012)
  11. Eagle Ford Shale Basin, Texas, Part I—E&P Companies July-August 2012 (7/2012)
  12. Public Coal Companies - PDF Spreadsheet, June 2012 (6/2012)
  13. Coal Companies, late June-early July 2012 - June 2012 (6/2012)
  14. West Texas Permian Companies - PDF Spreadsheet, May 2012 (5/2012)
  15. Permian Basin, late May-early June 2012 - May 2012 (5/2012)
  16. Conference Summary #2:Hart Energy DUG & Raymond James Conferences, April 2012 - Posted May 2012 (5/2012)
  17. Conference Summary #1: Highlights from Bush Institute Energy Security Presentation - May 2012 (5/2012)
  18. Ohio Utica Oil Shale Companies - PDF Spreadsheet, April 2012 (4/2012)
  19. Ohio Utica/Point Pleasant Oil Shale - April 2012 (4/2012)
  20. Public U.S. Solar Companies - PDF Spreadsheet, March 2012 (3/2012)
  21. U.S. Solar Power Companies - March 2012 (3/2012)
  22. Public MidContinent Refiners, (PADDs II and IV) - Spreadsheet, March 2012 (3/2012)
  23. MidContinent Refining 1st Quarter 2012 - Slideshow, February 2012 (2/2012)
  24. US MidContinent Refiners - Late Feb-Early March 2012 (2/2012)
  25. Marcellus Gas Shale Companies Compared - Spreadsheet, January 2012 (1/2012)
  26. The Marcellus Gas Shale, with Kickers - January 2012 (1/2012)
     This access requires prepayment. Please go to the subscription page to subscribe.

     Perfect for investors who want to learn more about all facets of the energy business.

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     Copyright 2012, Starks Energy Economics, LLC. This information may not be disclosed, copied or disseminated, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of Starks Energy Economics, LLC. This communication is based on information which Starks Energy Economics, LLC believes is reliable. However, Starks Energy Economics, LLC does not represent or warrant its accuracy. This communication should not be considered as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any securities.

     I, Laura Starks, do hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the views and opinions in this research report accurately reflect my personal views. I have not nor will I receive direct or indirect compensation in return for expressing specific recommendations or viewpoints in this report.

     This communication is based on information which Starks Energy Economics, LLC Inc. believes is reliable. However, Starks Energy Economics, LLC does not represent or warrant its accuracy. The viewpoints and opinions expressed in this communication represent the views of Starks Energy Economics, LLC as of the date of this report. These viewpoints and opinions may be subject to change without notice and Starks Energy Economics, LLC will not be responsible for any consequences associated with reliance on any statement or opinion contained in this communication. This communication may not be reproduced in whole or in part without prior written permission from Starks Energy Economics, LLC.


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