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June 2016 SEE Monthly Update

Sand & Proppant Companies Squeeze Through Decline Funnel

U.S. Rotary Rig Count

The most recent global oil supply-demand news is mixed: demand has increased in India; the continued weak dollar heralds higher oil prices; Canadian oil sands production shut down due to fires is reopening; Libyan production is lower; US production has fallen 1 million barrels per day (MMBPD) below its level of a year ago; insurgents in Nigeria announced their intent to destroy all of that country's oil production; and oil service companies have pulled out of Venezuela because they are not being paid.

The expected loss of 1 MMBPD from Nigeria alone in May would appear to start resolving the 1.4 MMBPD of daily oversupply. But meanwhile, Saudi Arabia and Iran are producing all-out to grab market share. Recent Saudi oil pricing changes have been strategic: slightly lower in Europe, higher in the US and Asia.

The graph above shows the lagged correlation between oil price and US rig count, with a temporary divergence only in the last few months. This SEE detailed analysis considers one of the key oil service sectors: sand and proppants.

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