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Early August/(July Delayed) SEE Monthly Update

Energy Mix

July’s SEE report on the US energy mix, presented here, was delayed due to the happy event of a family wedding. For this month there is no separate subscriber table and analysis. Investors are referred to the current onslaught of second quarter financial reports.

Consider the overall US energy mix in making long-term predictions about renewables vs. hydrocarbons. (Hydrocarbons are defined as coal, petroleum, and natural gas.)

Description: graph of energy consumption in the United States, as explained in the article text

            Per Michael Mobilia with the Energy Information Administration (EIA), hydrocarbons have supplied more than eighty percent of US energy for the last century. With the increase in solar and wind power added to hydroelectric power and biomass (wood and ethanol), the renewable percentage of US energy supply reached over ten percent last year.

            Among hydrocarbons, the gas-to-coal competition is particularly dynamic. Coal is consumed primarily (over ninety percent) by the electric utility sector; however, increased discoveries and lower prices of coal’s direct competitor—natural gas—have led to the symmetrical bifurcation shown. Since 2005, natural gas has displaced over five quadrillion British thermal units (BTUs) of coal in US electric generation.

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